Jauch Quartz GmbH Products: quartz crystal, oscillator, filter, ceramic resonator.
Jauch Quartz GmbH Products: quartz crystal, oscillator, filter, ceramic resonator.


2015-03-25 13:44:51

 JT33 and JT33V is a series of temperature compensated high stability oscillators with a frequency stability as tight
as ? 1.0 ppm, and is offered in a frequency range from 8.0 MHz to 52.0 MHz and is starting at 1.8V.

In addition to the TCXO JT33, the VCTCXO version JT33V can be tuned by ?8ppm min. using an external voltage.

Due to the high frequency stability down to ? 1.0 ppm the JT33(V) series fulfils very high requirements and is specially designed for ZigBee, Bluetooth and other wireless applications. The JT33(V) series combines excellent frequency stability with a clipped sine output, that enables a very low power consumption.

The JT33(V) series is particularly suitable for miniaturized electronic devices with very limited space on
printed circuit board.

The JT33 is available in a variety of temperature ranges, up to the extended operating temperature range of -40°C ~ +85°C for industrial applications.

The JT33 / JT33V complies with the EU RoHS directive and is optimally suitable for fast automatic assembly lines.

The JT33(V) replaces the predecessor JT32(V).

Key-Features of the JT33 and JT33V:

? miniature-package: 3.2mm x 2.5mm x 1.0mm
? best stability and temp. range: ? 1 ppm (-30°C ~ +80°C)
   or ? 2 ppm (-40°C ~ +85°C)
? frequency range: 8.0 MHz ~ 52.0 MHz
? supply voltages: 1.8 / 2.5 / 2.8 / 3.0 / 3.3 (? 5%)
? typical applications: Wireless applications
   (WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth etc.)
? VCTCXO version available with configurable center voltage
? Small packaging area and light weight
? suitable for Lead-free soldering process at 260°C max
? 100% lead-free
? RoHS compliant

The datasheets are available for download at www.jauch.de.
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